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Alice’s Restaurant

Food+Drink | Woodside

Jenna Sues’s Cafe

Food+Drink | Boulder Creek

Malone’s Grille

Food+Drink | Scotts Valley

Oak & Rye

Food+Drink | Los Gatos

The Village Pub

Food+Drink | Woodside

Wild Roots Market

Food+Drink | Boulder Creek

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The Cats – Perfect, notorious BBQ

07 | 31 | 2018

But forget the BBQ for a minute, I had no idea how delicious the history here proved to be. A one-time stop for stagecoaches, the Cats Roadhouse had also served as a weigh station for lumber wagons. Along with the introduction of paved roads, its history took a turn to the notorious during the 1920s...

Craft Beer Exploding In Santa Cruz

04 | 29 | 2018

If you like a tasty brew, you will enjoy exploring the craft beer taprooms in Santa Cruz County. There are some sixteen craft breweries and fifteen taprooms and counting in the county where you can enjoy flavorful, refreshing brews.

Cuisine With A Long History

04 | 26 | 2018

Within the redwoods are several restaurants with histories as interesting as the ancient trees. These eateries serve up some amazing cuisine that fits perfectly with the atmosphere. Each with their own distinct history and stories that go back many decades.

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Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

Though it’s not the biggest park in the county, there are hiking, biking, and equestrian options beyond what’s described here. It’s strongly recommended that adventurers go by the Visitor Center and talk to the docents about hike ideas, trail closures, wildlife sightings, and whatever other...

Butano State Park

Butano State Park doesn’t have the enormous ancient redwoods you’ll find at other Redwood State Parks, though it’s rumored that in some secret corner, far off-trail, there hides one of the tallest specimens in these mountains. Still, it more than makes up for lack of accessible old-growth groves with its biodiversity and panoramic views.

Hike to Berry Creek Falls

One can experience an excellent hike to the iconic Berry Creek Falls by hiking a 9-mile out-and-back trail from Big Basin HQ. Of course, the full splendor comes on the 11-mile loop, with three additional waterfalls, all of them along the spectacular Berry Creek Falls Trail.

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Alice’s Restaurant

Food+Drink | Woodside

Arcangeli Grocery/Norms Market

Food+Drink | Pescadero

Ben Lomond Baking Co.

Food+Drink | Ben Lomond

Boulder Creek Pizza & Pub

Food+Drink | Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek Roadside Cafe

Food+Drink | Boulder Creek

Brew Cruz

Food+Drink | Santa Cruz

Cafe Delmarette

Food+Drink | Santa Cruz

Coffee 9

Food+Drink | Ben Lomond

Cowboy Bar & Grill

Food+Drink | Felton

Discretion Brewing

Food+Drink | Soquel

El Salchichero

Food+Drink | Santa Cruz

Flynn’s Cabaret & Steakhouse

Food+Drink | Felton