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Scopazzi’s Restaurant & Lounge

Food+Drink | Boulder Creek

El Salchichero

Food+Drink | Santa Cruz

Steel Bonnet Brewing Company

Food+Drink | Scotts Valley

The Firehouse Bistro

Food+Drink | Woodside

Cafe Delmarette

Food+Drink | Santa Cruz

Arcangeli Grocery/Norms Market

Food+Drink | Pescadero

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The Cremer House

12 | 11 | 2019

The Cremer House is a restaurant and bar known for its delicious tap selection, artisan eats, and it’s rustic yet refined atmosphere. The Cremer House is a must see location for anyone stopping through downtown Felton. With hardwood floors, dozens of windows, and a wrap around porch, The Cremer House is perfect for afternoon respite...

The Cats — Perfect, notorious BBQ

07 | 31 | 2018

But forget the BBQ for a minute, I had no idea how delicious the history here proved to be. A one-time stop for stagecoaches, the Cats Roadhouse had also served as a weigh station for lumber wagons. Along with the introduction of paved roads, its history took a turn...

Craft Beer Exploding In Santa Cruz

04 | 29 | 2018

If you like a tasty brew, you will enjoy exploring the craft beer taprooms in Santa Cruz County. There are some sixteen craft breweries and fifteen taprooms and counting in the county where you can enjoy flavorful, refreshing brews. You will discover that these small, unique businesses are creating outstanding artisanal brews that reflect their...

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Portola Redwoods State Park

Coming into Portola Redwoods State Park is akin to entering Doyle’s Lost World. Winding down a seemingly-forgotten road, watching as the ferns and huckleberries grow taller, the human population drops conspicuously. Cell service vanishes entirely, and it’s hard not to be overtaken by a growing sense of adventure and wonder. Named for the explorer Gaspar...

Hike to Berry Creek Falls

One can experience an excellent hike to the iconic Berry Creek Falls by hiking a 9-mile out-and-back trail from Big Basin Redwoods State Park HQ. Of course, the full splendor comes on the 11-mile loop, with three additional waterfalls, all of them along the spectacular Berry Creek Falls Trail. Be forewarned; both are strenuous backcountry...

Hunting for Banana Slugs

Banana slugs are fascinating, even mesmerizing to observe in person. Watching one slide its way down a portion of a miles-long trail or up the side of a towering redwood is a meditative experience. However, despite their low speeds, they’re not always the easiest organisms to track down. Like a good hunter does their prey,...

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Malone’s Grille

Food+Drink | Scotts Valley

Oak & Rye

Food+Drink | Los Gatos


Food+Drink | Los Gatos

Ristorante Casa Nostra

Food+Drink | Ben Lomond

Scopazzi’s Restaurant & Lounge

Food+Drink | Boulder Creek


Food+Drink | Ben Lomond

Steel Bonnet Brewing Company

Food+Drink | Scotts Valley

Sue’s Gallery Cafe

Food+Drink | Saratoga

Sushi Blossom

Food+Drink | Scotts Valley

Taqueria El Alteño

Food+Drink | Watsonville

The Cats

Food+Drink | Los Gatos

The Cremer House

Food+Drink | Felton